Hacking Things Better

Posted on January 29, 2012


This Weekend we have mostly been making things with Sugru.

Things like these feet to hold the Wii thingamabob on top of the TV:

…and this little gizmo to stop George’s iPod charger cable falling off his bedside table:

I liked it so much that I made one for my iPhone too.

The blue bit is there to fix the previously exposed wires on the cable.

Sugru is some sort of wonder stuff. It is an air curing rubber that sticks to just about anything.

We were given a small amount of it at Christmas and loved the concept so we ordered a batch and now spend our days thinking of different ways to use it. I love the story of how it came about.

It was invented by British designer Jane whilst she was studying for an MA in Product Design and it has taken many years of development and hard work to get it to market. It is a great way to make things last longer and work better, which must be good for the environment…and the soul.

My first ‘hack’ was to fix the nozzle on my hairdryer, because it drops off EVERY time I use it. Glue is no good, because of the heat, but this stuff is safe up to 180 degrees.

I made an “O” ring of goo and squashed the nozzle on then smoothed it off with a damp finger.

Then I turned my attention to my heat retaining brush that also keeps coming apart.

Not any more!

Then I decided to make my scalpel handle more ergonomic, It’s now got a comfy grip that’s designed to fit my hand perfectly.

Ed has already found some workshop uses like these stopper ends for his vice:

….they stop him getting blood blisters when he traps his fingers in the handle.

Next George wants me to mend his fishing net and I have some plans to fix some kitchen utensils and make a new washer bottle cap for my car.

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