Shabu Shabu

Posted on January 1, 2012


Ever since Ed had eaten steaming hotpot on a trip to Japan he wanted to try cooking one at home.

I spotted @Jaxies blogpost beautifully descriptive post about ‘Shabu Shabu’ and her nostalgia and memories of eating it as a child. It is a kind of hot pot where you cook thinks in a flavoured broth, like Chinese shuan yang rou

Ed had a brain wave: We could use the electric fondue set that had languished at the back of the cupboard for a while and we could use the Christmas Turkey stock as a base for the broth. We had a trip to the Chinese Supermarket in Derby and managed to get everything we needed.

We flavoured the stock with mooli and gathered all the ingredients. First the chicken dumplings and pork wontons went in.

George amused himself while they cooked.


The dumplings were delicious. We ate them from bowls of rice with a whole range of dipping sauces that Ed and George had created, whilst I was laid up on the sofa with a bad back.

Next we gradually added little white bundles of fresh Japanese noodles, pak choi, tofu, chinese leaf, enokitake mushrooms and bean sprouts. They cooked through in minutes and we slurped them up with the broth out of our bowls.


The best bit was the marbled rib eye steak. Once partly frozen and firmed up, Ed sliced it into slivers. We dropped this into the broth and swooshed (Shabu Shabu) it about…and it cooked in seconds.

So this was how we rung in the New Year of 2012.

Here’s to lots more new food experiences over the next 12 months.


For Jaxies post and full details of how to make this click here to go to i am a feeder