A ‘Green’ Blue Peter Badge

Posted on November 28, 2011


Our boy is pleased as punch today because this:

…arrived in the post this morning.

It’s 5 months since he rescued Ray The Bird. George wrote a post about it, but it was our Twitter friend @LicklePickle that suggested writing to Blue Peter to see if it might earn him a badge:

Since Ray flew away George has often said that he wishes Ray would have stayed around in the garden. It had been so long since we sent the letter to the BBC we’d given up hope of a reply.

Then this morning he got a lovely letter from the Editor saying how much they liked his story. They said he had been awarded a ‘Green’ Blue Peter badge, which is for viewers who care about nature and the environment.

Thank you Blue Peter for making one 9-year-old boy very happy.

Click on the photo to read George’s original post:

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