Inside our kitchen

Posted on October 15, 2011


I read Sally’s post on My Custard Pie this morning and it reminded me of one by Katherine and Greg on Rufus’ Food and Spirits Guide. They both show a little glimpse into someone else’s kitchen and it made me want to show you inside ours too.

BUT…this is going to be little vignettes of ‘things in our kitchen’ rather than an impressive vista of hardwood and granite. We’ve lived here for 8 years and the kitchen is the last thing that will get renovated. It’s going to take a whole lot of money, time and planning to get it exactly how we want it.

Let’s start with the important stuff:

This is the probably the best used cupboard: flour, icing, sugar and more flour. The teeny bag of Self Raising flour is purely a result of the perils of shopping online. They all look the same size on screen and I have yet to have an online shop arrive without at least one ridiculously small thing that I wasn’t expecting.

I always have a stash of golden caster sugar laced with vanilla bean pods. Muscovado sugar is a favourite too, now with the addition of a few marshmallows in the jar which really do seem to stop it going solid.

The next shelf holds some of my Denby Manor Green crockery. Most of this was my Mum’s collection, but I add to it when I can at second hand stalls or car boot sales. Denby Pottery is just down the road, but they stopped making this old style and colour many years ago but I love its simplicity and sturdiness.

Now for something old and something new(ish). I adore my big Le Creuset pot. It was ages before I found the funds to treat myself to one and it gets well used. Mainly for no-knead bread and sometimes for casserole.

The mug…well what can I tell you about that? Not much because Ed made it and he and George are at a football match, but it is a mug, and Ed made it when he was at Primary school. I think he is quite proud of it and it’s ‘interesting’ face. Goodness only knows who it was fashioned on.

Any ideas?

The Wrong Trousers‘ have been with us for many years. They still hold our paperclips…should we ever need paperclips.

The Royal Derby Cats are not to my taste, but my Mum bought them and I can’t bear to part with them just yet. Perhaps one day they will find a more suitable home. Stripy paper straws are a must for retro food photo shoots and the jug was one that I painted (in the loosest possible sense, by just stamping stars on it) on a fun night out with the Fabulous Places girls at Sticky Fingers in Ashbourne.

I will refrain from any knob jokes but these two beauties were on some doors when we moved in. I kind of love their kitsch-ness but have not found a suitable home for them yet. So they sit on a kitchen shelf, looking very green.

This tin really brings back memories of my childhood. I think it was originally my grandmas, but my Mum used it to keep buttons and beads in. It’s still full of musty buttons, old coins and beads. I love the classic design. There are not many food containers nowadays that will still be on a shelf in 70 years.

Can you feel it doing you good? The little milk bottles in a milk crate were an impulse buy at Chatsworth House this Summer. I couldn’t resist them as I thought they would make a great photographic prop and they have already found their way into a few photos.

A couple of last soppy things, before the boys arrive home to stop me:

12 years ago I think our wedding guests thought it a bit unusual that we asked our photographer to capture an image of each plate of food that came out of the restaurant kitchen. Now it doesn’t seem so strange, but I am glad we did, as food memories are an important part of any event for us. Stuffed behind the photographs of freshly grilled sardines and tarte au citron is George’s current school dinner menu.

Then there are the lovely flowers that George suggested they bought for me last week, the  bottle of fragranced oil with sticks in that I knock over on a regular basis plus my cake dome, that is already on its second incarnation having got broken once already.

I think that will about do for now. Perhaps I will do this again. When the rest of the kitchen has some new cupboards, a finished ceiling…all that jazz.

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