Pork Thai Curry

Posted on June 8, 2011


When I slow roast a shoulder of pork to make pulled pork, there is always enough left for at least two more meals. I am the queen of making the most of leftovers. I have to be because I am greedy so I always prepare enough for 10 people.

I had a notion that the soft shredded meat would work well with Thai flavours. I usually make a spicy pork and chickpea dish, but I have learned that it’s easier to sell the concept to George if I go for a creamy Thai green curry. It scares him less. Making food for children that doesn’t scare them is an art in itself.

This was so simple and quick to make. Start by cooking off two tablespoons of Thai green curry paste with a spoonful of coconut milk in a splash of oil. Then add around 350g of leftover shredded meat. Once that has heated through add a dash of fish sauce and teaspoon of palm sugar (soft brown sugar would do just as well) then add the rest of the can of coconut milk and a couple of lime leaves and allow it to simmer for 5 minutes.

I also added sliced baby-corn and mange tout for a bit of crunch and cooked for 5 minutes more. We had ours served with Thai sticky rice and, for the grown ups only, topped with coriander leaves, chilli slices and a squeeze of lime.

Whilst I was photographing my dinner I left the sticky rice on the heat. Now it’s not just sticky, it’s welded to the base of a non stick pan.

Now you carry on looking at the pretty pictures whilst I go attack a pan with a scrubby brush.