Man at Work

Posted on March 13, 2011


We have another work in progress.

This dark corner of our study has had a makeshift bookcase in it for a few years, awaiting something better to be made.

It’s a funny old space. It has a flue jutting into it from when the room was a kitchen and there was a huge boiler in the fireplace. That was a real centrepiece when we moved in, I can tell you.

In fact I don’t need to tell you, because I just had a rummage around and found this photo from when we moved in, back in 2004.

Isn’t it just divine? Check out the pink ceiling, red carpet, green radiator and delightful coving. There were tiles underneath the wallpaper and they had even plastered over layers of paint and paper. It seemed to take an age to sort.

And yes, that’s also an extra door to a scary room that was so grim we demolished it within the year.

This room has had new walls, fireplace, bits of rebuilt wall and even a new floor.

The only thing left when we finished was the original cupboard in the left hand corner and, bizarrely, the chandelier that the previous owners left behind.

So I have asked the man of the house for a painted fitted cupboardy shelvish thing.

He started taking the picture rail down this morning and is now in the workshop ‘creating’.

I shall let you know when it is complete.

And if you are interested here it is.

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