Katie’s Cupcake Tower

Posted on January 17, 2011


On 1st December 2010 my very special friend, Katie was 40 years old. A magical masquerade ball was planned at Shottle Hall. Unfortunately due to the massive amount of snow we had in early December the party was postponed.


Not to worry though as it was rescheduled to January and even more people could make it.


Katie and Adam asked me to make some cupcakes for the party, so I have spent quite a while trialling quantities, practising my piping and colours and gathering sprinkles and sparkles.

Even to the extent that my outfit and my nail varnish matched the lilac cream cheese buttercream frosting that Katie had requested*

* This is not true. It was just one of those freaky midnight blue and lilac based coincidences.

Here we are all masked up and ready to party.

It was a really lovely evening in a perfect location and a chance to catch up with lots of old and new friends. Adam had arranged a string quartet and Katie directed a Venetian style formal dance to entertain us.

I was nervous about just getting my cakey offering right, so I asked Wendy from Quirky Cookies to make a cake to top the cupcake tower.

I’m so glad I did as this starry starry cake was just fab as Wendy matched it to my cupcakes, and kindly loaned me a cupcake stand too. The topper made a nice gift for Kate to take home at the end of the night.

Because if I know one thing about Katie is that she likes purpley blue starry things.

…and cake.

Also, true to Katie’s generous nature she forewent presents and asked for donations to the NSPCC instead.

Here are a few of the photos we managed to grab between glasses of champagne, canapés and silly dancing.

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Happy Birthday Katie. We all hope that you had a fantastic time on your slightly belated but well deserved very special day.