I Ganache

Posted on November 8, 2010


When I ran out of cherries this week, my usual fairy cakes looked a bit forlorn.

I was about to rustle up some buttercream when I remembered we had a carton of double cream.

Ooh…ganache, I thought.

I rummaged round the cupboards to find an equal quantity of chocolate to match the cream. I couldn’t find enough plain chocolate, or even enough milk chocolate so I ended up with a mix of both and a handful of chocolate chips to boot.

It’s as easy as just heating the cream until it’s just about to boil, then whisking in the chocolate. Let it cool, then if you want to pipe with it, give it a good whisk to aerate it using your food mixer of choice. (still not chosen mine yet). The amount of chocolate you use needs to be the same in grams as the amount of mils of cream that you use.

That 3rd picture that looks like something slightly unsavoury is a Denby jug that I use for loading up my piping bag.

This makes for an über chocolatey topping only suitable for the die-hard chocoholics amongst you.

More overindulgence soon.