Autumn 2010

Posted on October 10, 2010


It’s getting to the time of year when I reflect upon how the garden has shaped up.

There are still a few bits of colour around: a few grapes on the vine, the pink japanese anemones, some self seeded violas in with the vegetables.

My favourite Verbena Bonariensis has been really feeble though. Anyone else had the same problem? Do I need to plant new ones or has it just been a bad year for them? The bees still like them.

As always the kales are still flourishing, mostly surviving the slugs and caterpillars. The purple sprouting broccoli has faired less well, I had to go out and harvest a handful of caterpillars daily over the last few weeks, but they are still growing well.

I have been reading all the advice about the borlotti beans that are still ripening on the plants and will be out to harvest them soon, there are a few little cucumbers left to pick too.

For the first time I have planted field beans as a green manure, and 3 weeks on they are already looking healthy. I am hoping they produce some good nitrogen rich growth that I can dig back in before Spring.

Meanwhile I shall probably spend the next month or so raking leaves and chestnuts off the lawn and chopping down perennials that have got out of hand. The compost heap is filling up nicely. I can feel a good Autumn bonfire coming on.

I will definitely make some changes to what I sow and when for next years harvest and I shall ponder those over the Winter.

A reminder from My Tiny Plot has popped up to tell me to sow winter lettuces. Whilst I am cosy by the fire and finishing my plans for things{you}make, are there any things that I should be doing in the garden now to get ahead for next year?

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