Riddle me ree

Posted on August 10, 2010


You may have seen in my Guest post for Fennel and Fern that I spoke of my life changing experience with this borrowed soil riddle made from an old drawer.

Well I say life changing, maybe more soil changing.

You see we have stones…oh, so many stones.

We take buckets of stones to the tip every time we go and we have lost count of the amount of skips that we have filled with rubble from this garden. I’m not just talking wee pebbles. We still regularly find huge slabs of masonry working its way up through the borders.

The beautiful fine tilth that I was able to achieve with the riddle was very pleasing, so Ed was tasked with making me my very own riddle

He planed oak. He routed handles. He chiseled joints and attached wire.

Then once it was oiled up I had it within my grasp.

The magical riddle!

Ernie doesn’t get it

Here it is being modelled by the maker

Now I just have to work my way round the garden and sieve until the cows come home.

*We have no cows*

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