Let’s Get Cooking

Posted on April 19, 2010


George started his ‘Let’s Get Cooking’ club tonight at school and came home with this lovely looking pitta bread pizza

Lucky he did really, as he only has time for a quick change and something to eat then he is back out to cub scouts in half an hour.

I just threw some salad at it and put it on the table.

Then all I had to do was keep Ern off it.

“Hello Ernie. That’s George’s tea. Please leave it alone. Look he’s here now, for his ‘look what I made’ photograph.”

I decided to relax the ‘we eat at the table’ policy. So after posing he has ended up watching tv and eating in the living room

Of course, that means he gets an observer for the duration.

Occupational hazard around here I’m afraid.

I’m looking forward to seeing what he cooks up next week.