All Things Green

Posted on March 17, 2010


Here’s an update on the things we have been making this week. As chance would have it all the things we have made have a green theme which is kind of relevant with it being Saint Patrick’s Day today.

I had a couple of egg whites to spare so I made my first attempt at the ‘oh, so fashionable’ Macarons. My recipe was based on this one from Sarah and Maison Cupcake, but these are lemon and pistachio, rather than rosemary.

I might write a blogpost about them soon as I made a right old hash of it all but I am quite pleased with them for saying I am a green horn (sorry!)

I already have some egg whites ‘ageing’ ready for attempt number two. This Mac making has some strange addiction where you strive to get bigger feet, which is all new to me.

At the Weekend Ed received a green wood carving knife for his birthday so after a mammoth tree chopping session in the garden he had a quick go at carving a spoon. This is carved from a piece of spalted Lime .

He sneaked out to finish it on Sunday, just as we were heading off on ‘Mother’s Day’ deliveries and managed to slice into his finger, so yes, that is a splash of blood on the bowl of the spoon, he left it on for effect.

On the subject of Mother’s Day decided to try and arrange some flowers for our Mum’s with some greenery from the garden. They aren’t perfect, but they smell lovely. I would love to do a proper hand tied flower arranging course some time. It’s nice to see some Spring flowers starting to appear in the garden.

Ernie has also got in on the action by, surprisingly, receiving his Bronze Award (actually a green rosette and certificate) from the Kennel Club Good Citizens Dog Scheme.

This is a minor miracle as he has consistently been the naughtiest dog in class. Until the moment of the exam he had NEVER done the sit and stay for a whole minute and I could feel the whole class willing him on. I could even hear his trainer whispering ‘don’t you dare’ to try and discourage him from doing his usual commando crawl across the floor that he normally does when he should be lying still.

George has been getting green fingered too and has been planting peas and beans for the new raised beds.

There will be more to come on all things green very soon.

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