I made some photos

Posted on February 24, 2010


I have been a bit quiet on the blogging front recently, mainly as I have been busy and taking lots of photographs.

This week I have had fun playing with techniques from the lovely ladies at Coffee Shop. They have lots of great tips and tutorials but I particularly like the Photoshop actions that they write that make it easier to create aged effects and weave layers of textures in with your images.

Above is the tree that is my muse for a tree based project I am working on with a Flickr group. Here it’s layered with scratched metal and has been given an Attic Vintage effect. This type of process takes me back to my days messing around in the dark room at Green Lane, Derby Uni, although at least this way there’s less chance of me ingesting toxic chemicals and going doo-lally in the dark.

Here is the same tree but processed in a low-key style.

These Hyacinths were the first flowers I have managed to photograph this year but I decided to grubby them up with a Dirty Cement Grunge layer.

Thanks to my connections with Fabulous Places and Square Chilli I have recently spent a couple of days photographing delicious handmade chocolates for a fantastic chocolatier, shop and café called ‘I Should Cocoa‘.

The photos are for a new website that is in construction but here is a little sneaky peek of what’s in store.

Some other work I have done over the snowy period is for a multi platform project for the BBC by Savvy Productions. For that we all battled through the snow to take photos of a smashing group of actors on location in Greater Manchester.

I plan to post some of the output from that when it goes live so watch this space.

Hopefully more to come…

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