Things to do when snowed in

Posted on January 6, 2010


We have kind of been snowed up a bit recently, and as George is always getting the stay-at-home-snack-attacks I thought I would make some Rocky Road.

Version 1.0 was a bit of a shopping disaster, as due to the weather I ended up getting most of the provisions from our local petrol station, who needless to say do not stock the finest dark chocolate, so it was made with a mixture of weeny bars of Bournville and Cadbury’s Whole Nut. I think I made it a bit too dense and chocolatey, not helped by the fact I smoothed the top by pouring neat molten Dairy Milk on the top, which George pointed out made it less of a ‘rocky’ road than it should have been. Damn my OCD.

To make it I melted the following in a bowl over a pan of hot water:

300g chocolate, 125g butter, 3tblsp Golden Syrup

Then I mixed in 200g of crushed biscuits plus cherries, chopped up Turkish Delight and marshmallows. The problem was that the marshmallow pieces kept floating to the top like little life rafts. I gave up on sinking half of them and squashed it all into a 9″ square tin double lined with cling film and put it in the fridge.

We managed to eat it all.

Bring on V2.0

This time I added the biscuits last, so as to give the other ingredients time to mix in, and that worked better. I also had advice from Wendy from Quirky Cookies and I didn’t squish things down quite so much, ooh and I added dried cranberries too. It’s more rocky now, see…

By this point we had eaten all the Turkish Delight, which I was inspired to add after seeing the idea on the Chocolate Teapot blog as the pinky red slices in her version look SO good.

It’s still not perfect, I want it more fudge-like somehow, but I shall suffer for my art by wading through this batch and start making some more soon.

December 1st 2010 Update:

How about Aunty Caryl’s Ginger Cake as a Snowed in make too. We’re snowed in again so I just made that too.

Ooh, and also whilst you are snowed in and not able to get to the garden, take a look at Fennel and Ferns new range of growing guides. They are lovely downloadable or printed postcards with easy reference gardening facts, all beautifully photographed and ready for using in the Spring.

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