Let them eat cake

Posted on December 9, 2009


I promise that this will be my last cake blogpost…at least until after Christmas! I don’t mean to do it. It just happens. There’s a birthday or something and cake is the answer. Let’s face it cake is the answer to lots of things really.

George’s cousin Pascal turned 1 last month so here is his birthday cake that we had at his little family party:

Last weekend was my Mum’s 80th Birthday so I made 2 dozen cupcakes to take in to her nursing home. She fell asleep in the middle of hers, I take that to be a good sign, thousands wouldn’t! The rest got handed out at tea to all the other residents.

Then George’s Aunty Kathryn’s birthday is this Weekend so she requested a box of cakes to take to take into the office for her workmates. I made a selection box of clementine drizzle, coffee, chocolate and vanilla buttercream cupcakes.

After sampling and trialling lots of different recipes I mainly resort to using my old faithful basic bun recipe of 125g each of flour, sugar and butter, plus 2 eggs and then just vary the things that I add, like cocoa, reduced fruit juice or coffee.

I don’t really like Christmas cake, mince pies and the like, so you won’t be getting that sort of festive fodder on my blog I’m afraid. Although I am down to do 2 dozen mince pies for the school carol service for some reason. Eurgh, candied peel and raisin pips.

I have made some good hearty winter savoury food recently which is much more my thing. Perhaps I will write a post about that steak pie with suet crust pastry another day.