Raised Bed Building

Posted on September 13, 2009


It’s only been 5 years, but finally we got around to putting together some raised beds for vegetables today. Well I say ‘we’, but Ed put them together this afternoon with a little help from George.

Actually I was in the kitchen most of the time preparing a tea of creamy chicken and pancetta pie with a good healthy helping of runner beans, freshly shredded with the new bean shredder. Doing this really took me back to my days as a child sat on the back doorstep shredding runner beans for tea.

The area that once was our patio has been used for vegetables this year but we found that it got too trampled in it’s current allotment style. I have some notion that it may be easier to keep the pests at bay when the plants are a bit raised from the ground, but that remains to be seen.

The wood that Ed used was actually destined to be the base of two decks but Ed has been so busy digging trenches, replacing drains and painting the house he has not had chance to build those this year so that will be a job for the Winter.

Hopefully having four new beds will allow me to start up a process of crop rotation from next Spring. At the last minute we realised that one of the four beds would need to have the corner cut off to allow us access to the shed, but I quite like this slightly odd shaped bed, although we can’t install it just yet until the beans and courgettes have offered up their final crops.

Here they are. Almost done, we just need to empty the compost bins into them and get planting for Harvest 2010.

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