Cherry Table

Posted on May 18, 2010


Ed designed and made this table for our dining room a few years ago.

We’d looked around a while for a ‘console’ style table but just couldn’t find one that was right, so he set about making it himself.

It was featured in Furniture and Cabinetmaking magazine who asked him to write an article about how he designed and constructed it.

We had to mock-up some of these photos as we took them after the table had been made.

He sent them his working drawings and F&C coloured them in, and did exploded views for the article.

On looking back at these it reminded us that this is the point at which we decided to ditch the Fuji SLR, get serious and ‘Go Nikon’. Those were the days when we hadn’t found the white balance button too. We’ve not looked back since.

Well until today obviously.

On doing the whole ‘looking back’ thing I now realise that this table hasn’t been THIS empty since we took these photos.

It’s laden down with all sorts of things: a writing box that Ed made, books, magazines, pebbles that Ern brings in, dust, broken Lego moon buggies….

Well used and much loved.

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