Plastered – Bathroom Part 1

Posted on May 4, 2010


Ed is self taught in most things. He watched our plasterer work his way round most of this house and then when our funds started to dry up thought “How hard can it be?”

So this is a story about how Ed plasters a bathroom, from my perspective anyway.

I’ve by-passed all the pre-amble about plaster-boarding, and adding a new ceiling and floor. You can work that out for yourselves, right?

First you buy plaster…lots of plaster

and paint the wall with PVA

Then it’s time to have a cuppa tea and a biscuit

Then you whiz the plaster up with a whizzy thing on the end of your drill

…and scoop it out with a trowel

Then you pile the lovely goopy plaster onto a board

Then you scoop it back off there…

…and put it onto the square thingy with the handle in a nice pasty shape

Now, from what I can gather, it gets more tricky.

From the bottom left hand corner of the room he starts ‘slorming’ plaster up the wall

I don’t know the technical term, but slorming seems to fit the bill to me

It tends to get quite messy. There are plastery footprints all over the place

So he works his way up from bottom left to the top right hand corner.

Then he does some smearing it about with a clean wet trowel to make it shiny

Time for another brew

Then he does the ceiling and cuts out the hole for the downlighters

I make it sound easy don’t I? I think the ceiling bit is probably quite hard, but I went to the park at this bit.

For ‘corner fans’ here’s another corner, with a bit of the original door in shot too

Ta da!

Look at the smoothness on that.

Now it’s just a matter of, fitting this bath, putting in the shower, building a sink unit, fitting the radiator, tiling, painting…..

Not sure what all the fuss is about really.

More to come….


Part 2 of the Bathroom Series

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