Ed’s Furniture

A selection of wooden things made by Ed.

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  1. {love} all the furniture. Great job. Too bad you’re in the UK, I’d hire you.
    (although we’ll be in London this summer)
    New to WP, looking forward to keeping up with your ”things”.

    • {Thank you} Chrissy! Good luck with your blog too, I just told Ed you liked his furniture, he is off out with his woodworking friends tonight. I love WP, hope you do too.

  2. Beautiful craftsmanship. Love the dovetails.

  3. hi i was wondering how much did it cost to build the frame for the omnitub? was it expensive? i know it was a while ago but im considering having one myself as i have a tiny tiny bathroom and an omnitub would be ideal for us, if you could get back to me it would be most helpful

    • Hi Heather. The frame only cost a few pounds as it was rough timber. The oak top was a bit more but that was our choice to match the cabinets. It’s not really possible to give a full idea of cost though as Ed did all the work himself. Hope your bathroom works out ok!

  4. Hi guys!

    I’ve followed your blog for 7 months now, and I’ve always enjoyed your posts about all the things you make, particularly the ones that are edible. 🙂 I enjoy the posts about furniture too, because working with wood is something I’m fascinated by. Anyway, the point is, I was recently nominated by one of my followers for the Liebster Blog award, and am passing it on to you, as one of my favorite blogs. Hope y’all will respond! 🙂

    To creativity…may it never die!
    –The Southern Voice Writer

  5. Ed,
    Caught your tweet about the case for books and checked out your blog. Brilliant writing by both of you; crazy good woodworking to boot! And I’m extremely jealous of the garden.

    Looking forward to seeing more!



  6. Nice work! Congrats and keep going!


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