A Teeny Pond & Ray the Bird

Posted on June 23, 2011


Hello everyone, George here. This weeks homework word was ‘Pond’ so I decided to build a miniature pond in the garden.

I used a stone trough that I used to grow some little plants in. First I filled it with soil then I collected moss from around the garden to make some grass.

Next I got two saucers and covered then with foil to make the pond. Then I put pebbles around the pond and little plants to make a garden.

But then we heard a thump and realised a little greenfinch had flown into the window. Mum took this photo on her phone just after he crashed.

He looked very confused at first so I took him under my wing and I decided to call him Ray.

I felt very worried for him, because Mum told me he might perk up and fly away or he might die from shock. He started shivering so to keep him warm I put him in a basket lined with old pants!

I looked after him all afternoon and I really wanted to keep him. He eventually perked up and sat on my finger and flew onto the fence and back. I put him on the tree platform so he could launch himself into the field when he was ready.

I had to go to Tae Kwon Do training, but when I got back he had flown away.

Bye bye birdy.

I wrote to Blue Peter about Ray…like Lickle Pickle suggested. Read what happened here!

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