Tortilla de Patatas

Posted on June 3, 2011


Just a little ‘Something for the Weekend’.

In the days before children, Ed used to often make something like this on a Friday night after work. Something to tide us over until dinner.

The truth of the matter was, once we’d had this and a few beers, we rarely got round to bothering with dinner. Now if we have it it’s more of a lunchtime thing and a good standby when you haven’t been shopping but have eggs-a-plenty. A good one for all you chicken owners that I am slightly envious of.

  • Thinly slice some new potatoes and fry them in a heavy frying pan until browned
  • Slice some onion and garlic and add this to the pan and cook until golden
  • If you have it slice some courgette and add this too
  • Whisk up 6 eggs, season well and pour over the vegetables
  • Turn the heat down low and allow to cook for around 10 minutes until golden on one side
  • By using a plate to flip the tortilla, turn it over in the pan
  • Brown on the other side for a good 10 minutes
Allow to cool a little then slice up and eat it with your fingers and preferably an ice cool beer.

Enjoy the sunshine this Weekend, people.