Fitted Bookcases

Posted on January 11, 2011


Hello its me, I’m still here…. or in the words of Mark Twain, the rumours of my death have been greatly exaggerated. It seems to be some 3 months since I last posted anything, but here goes.

This project marks an interesting landmark for me, as a first paid commission.

The bookcases are made in MRMDF, with a painted finish.  All the mouldings were made to match the existing in the room, by buying in special cutters to suit. I think small details like this, as opposed to just using what is available off the shelf, are what makes a project sing rather than just do the job.

With any fitted furniture, a key part of the installation is scribing to fit the adjacent walls. On older properties such as this particular one, where walls are out of plumb or not parallel, that challenge grows. In my view the effort is worth it, as properly fitted furniture can make a real architectural contribution to a room.

Thanks for looking.


PS – Cake fans: normal service will be resumed shortly

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