Roast Sprout Tree

Posted on December 16, 2010


I bought a ‘sprout tree’ at the supermarket. I guess they are so ‘in season’ that they are a bargain at the moment.

It was really fresh and a beautiful thing to look at with its perfect spirals of firm green sprouts.

It seemed a shame to chop them all off and cook them. I’d planned to roast them anyway so I decided to have a go at roasting the whole damn thing.

I loosely wrapped it in a cocoon of tin foil and sprinkled it with sea salt, freshly ground pepper, olive oil and ground cumin.

After around 40 minutes in a hot hot oven I opened up the foil and let them have 10 minutes browning off a little more. The best ones are the really dark coloured ones as they are soft and nutty inside. Like these…

Then just for the novelty I served them at the table and we picked them off one by one. The ones we didn’t eat got sliced up to make bubble and squeak.

Ooh, bubble and squeak…the best thing about Boxing Day.

Anyway, roast sprout tree, who’d have thought?