Honey Yoghurt Cheese

Posted on September 18, 2010


I discovered Scandie Foodie blog this week which includes recipes from delicious mixture cuisines including Scandinavian and Japanese recipes with beautifully styled photographs.

I am intrigued by Finnish life since travelling to Lapland back in my IT Sales days. Once with the long gone AST, on an amazing winter trip racing on snowmobiles, skiing, cooking salmon and reindeer over an open fire, and again with Microsoft white water rafting, witnessing the midnight sun, drinking a lot of schnapps and getting bitten by mosquitos. It really is such a different world. I have been reminded of some of these experiences by reading Eat Like  A Girl‘s recent blog posts from Swedish Lapland

On Scandie Foodie I spotted this recipe for Honey Yoghurt Cheese and thought it would be a good way to use up the yoghurt mountain. Maria translated it into English for me and this one’s not so much a recipe as a few simple instructions, which are:

1. Mix a 500g pot of yoghurt with 100g of honey (I used the 0% fat TOTAL greek yoghurt this time)

2. Drain through a cheesecloth in the fridge overnight.

I used this natty invention of a jelly bag suspended by some clips inside a Denby jug.

3. Sprinkle with freshly toasted sesame seeds – I also tried it with slices of plum tonight too.

I like the way it gets these ridges in it like in a fresh ricotta. It ends up with the texture of mascarpone.

You’d really never know that it’s fat-free as this process makes it really creamy and ‘heavy’. And toasting the sesame seeds gives them a great nutty flavour.

So there you go. Honey Yoghurt Cheese.

Who knew?

Now who spotted Mickey Mouse on the cups I bought back as my Disney souvenir?