Winter Gardens

Posted on March 9, 2010


On Sunday we finally got into the garden for the 1st time this year. It was sunny, but VERY cold and frosty. So frosty in fact that I couldn’t get through the soil to belatedly plant the shallots, garlic and spring onions. I am off to try and do that shortly.

George and I emptied the contents of the compost bin into the new raised beds though and did a bit of pruning and tidying.

Ern did some stick eating which left him ill for the next 24 hours. The photo above is of him chomping on some bark. Tomorrow he takes his Bronze Test for the Good Dog Citizenship Scheme. I’m not holding my breath!

Things are starting to grow, even though it is still below freezing for most of the day. George planted plenty of vegetable seeds in little Jiffy 7 propagators, I need to scavenge some extra toilet roll inners for the beans this week. I’ve also got 2 lots of new potatoes chitting on the windowsill.

Just one day out in the garden has really got me looking forward to some sunshine and my plans for this years crop.