Bank Holiday Clearance

Posted on September 1, 2009


A lot of this Weekend has been spent having a big clear up in the garden. After Ed’s excavations we had a couple of tons of rocks, stone and dirt to get rid of. It was stopping me getting to the compost heap so composting had slowed down recently. Not so much a hot compost heap, but more of a warm home for mice and toads. The heaps that Ed built are now tidy again, and are even surrounded by gravel to stop me getting my slippers muddy when I head out there with my ‘tatoe peelings and tea bags.

We also decided to do a serious machete job to the front of the house. It was a bit of a jungle out there, so we set to it with a chainsaw, hedge trimmers and a bill hook and managed to break the trimmers in the process.

You can actually see the house from the road again now. A huge amount of ivy and several tree stumps have gone, along with a wasp next or two. We thought we had ordered a skip that was far too big, but as usual, we managed to fill it.

I have also cleared the front ‘allotment’. It’s an area that was crazy paved and had a stinky pond in it when we moved in, but as it is South facing and elevated we thought it was ideal for a bit of a ‘Good Life’ style vegetable plot. It has worked quite well and seems to be a lot less sluggy than the back of the garden. It has produced a great supply of salad and alliums over the Summer and is just home to half of the Courgettes now. We need to start planning what to plant there next year.


I have bought some Field Bean seeds as a green manure and I am thinking of putting them in for a few months over the Autumn otherwise it gets very weedy. Apparently they are nice and easy to dig in and improve the soil. Has anyone used them?


I also have some Red Kale, Curly Kale and Cavalo Nero seedlings to put in for the Winter so they may find a home in there too. Saw lots of it in the kitchen gardens at Chatsworth House last year and thought it looked amazing:

Among the crops that are still producing at the moment are a late batch of mange tout that I planted that are providing us with a good bowlful of pods every few days. Of course the courgettes are still pumping out babies, and the occasional teenager that has hidden under a leaf and turned into a marrow. Courgette chutney can’t be far away. The runner beans are so prolific aswell, I think a bit of bean pickling is in order.

We treated ourselves to a walk in the Peak District on Bank Holiday Monday to reward ourselves after a Weekend of hard labour.

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