Alliums for the chop

Posted on August 10, 2009


Finally we have had a Weekend with 2 days of sunshine. It’s been the first chance to get the onions, garlic and shallots out of the ground and allow them to dry in the sun rather than dragging muddy bulbs into the kitchen. I was also spurred into action on reading the MTP Blog.

I am beginning to think that being a blogger and photographer leads you to be a bad cook and gardener. You see, I know I should have chopped the flowers off the garlic as it ‘makes the bulbs bigger’ and the ‘flowers are good for eating, don’t you know?’. But just look how pretty they are.

Similarly the salad leaves should be chopped back or pulled up. Probably. But I quite like the towering plants that are heading to seed. They are much more colourful than any of the plants in the rest of the garden at the moment as everything else has a kind of hazy late Summer elegance.

On a similar note there are times that Ed and George are sat happily eating a meal whilst I am at the top of the garden in the last fading light trying to capture an image of what we are about to receive.  

At least we have most of a bumper crop of onions and shallots ready to be used now, and I will chop the garlic down today…honest.