Apple Turnovers

December 17, 2014


Things{we}make Apple Turnovers

It’s been a while, so I thought I’d break us in gently with a nice, simple turnover. We’ve been through a lot you and I. We’ve made good things and bad things, sown stuff and grown stuff, been places and filled our faces. I feel sad that I’ve not been sharing, but there are times […]

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October 4, 2014


Things{we}make Watermelonade

I carried a watermelon.

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Barbecue Pizza

September 29, 2014


Barbecue Pizza on things{we}make

Stone-baked pizza - from a barbecue. Maybe we don't need that fancy wood fired oven after all.

Brisket in a Bun

September 15, 2014


Things{we}make - Brisket in a Bun

Things work out for the best when we all know where we stand. I stand next to the oven so I can pull the best bits off the brisket when it's cooked.

Dutch Tool Chest

August 25, 2014


Dutch Tool Chest on things{we}make

A project where I've learned stuff, made some great connections and made the most efficient tool chest I have ever seen.

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Chocolate Dream Cake

August 13, 2014


Chocolate Dream Cake on things{we}make

Choose life: Choose a big meringuey pudding that takes up a whole shelf in the fridge and a weeks worth of calories in your belly.

Much Ado About Muffins

August 2, 2014


things{we}make - much ado about muffins

I have written this solely for the purposes of calling a post 'Much Ado About Muffins'. It's all I got.


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