Cheese Scones & New Kitchens

March 2, 2015


Things{we}make - Cheese Scones

Can it be true? Can my kitchen finally be finished and I can get on with all the cooking? Seriously, it felt like years to get this far (11 to be precise) First we revelled in the idea of going out for dinner and several takeaways per week, but it’s surprising how quickly the novelty […]


December 21, 2014


Gingerbread on things{we}make

This old fashioned Gingerbread tastes more delicious than the simple recipe has any right to. Sometimes the old ones are the best.

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Apple Turnovers

December 17, 2014


Things{we}make Apple Turnovers

It’s been a while, so I thought I’d break us in gently with a nice, simple turnover. We’ve been through a lot you and I. We’ve made good things and bad things, sown stuff and grown stuff, been places and filled our faces. I feel sad that I’ve not been sharing, but there are times […]

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October 4, 2014


Things{we}make Watermelonade

I carried a watermelon.

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Barbecue Pizza

September 29, 2014


Barbecue Pizza on things{we}make

Stone-baked pizza - from a barbecue. Maybe we don't need that fancy wood fired oven after all.

Brisket in a Bun

September 15, 2014


Things{we}make - Brisket in a Bun

Things work out for the best when we all know where we stand. I stand next to the oven so I can pull the best bits off the brisket when it's cooked.

Dutch Tool Chest

August 25, 2014


Dutch Tool Chest on things{we}make

A project where I've learned stuff, made some great connections and made the most efficient tool chest I have ever seen.

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